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LAureen M. - Calgary AB

"A wonderful experience! Nora mixed our old well-loved items with modern vitality. We entertain more often, and the space reflects our stories and our personalities which people really enjoy. We get a new calmness and energy from the colours and comfort from the furniture that the design created".

Most important: “The focus on wellbeing and creativity”.

Scope: Space planning, colour schemes, furniture, accessories, and art, background finishes.

Kitchen design

Rima C. - JACKSONVILLE FL - Online client

“The kitchen design solution presented a peaceful and a welcoming home that everyone who walks in was wowed and felt welcomed. Job well done on all front !”. 

Scope: Space Study, Kitchen Design


Karen H. - Calgary AB

“Nora exceeded our expectations. The results inspired more entertaining and memorable gatherings then we could have imagined. Our only regret is we didn't do it sooner. Before we renovated, the kitchen was utilized for the 'sole' purpose of meal preparation. But once the space was re-envisioned, it became the 'soul' hub of our home. Nora executed seamlessly: on time, on budget and with inspiring results we could never have imagined on our own”.

Scope: Space study, Kitchen Design & Specifications

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Tim J. - Calgary AB

“Thank you Nora for the fantastic designs and being so great to work with!”.

Scope: Colour scheme.


Workshops - Alberta

"Nora's Workshops are enlightening and inspiring!" - MARILYN T.

“Nora has a wonderful ability to pass her knowledge to others”

“I feel more confident to decorate my space with natural elements now and I am excited to start. I really enjoyed the class and would recommend it to anyone” - DONNA B.

“Fantastic experience to create our own unique space in our home”

"Nora is very knowledgeable in her field. It's all about healthy environment and respecting who we are to make each space an experience of being well. Thank you!" - SYLVIE-ANNE R.