My joy is to contribute to people's wellbeing and happiness by co-creating spaces where they belong, connect and thrive.


About me

I am a wellbeing design consultant and a holistic interior designer. My work revolves around creating home designs and interior spaces that reflect people’s authentic sense of beauty, improve their quality of life and promote wellness and growth.

After working in the interior design industry since 2005, I dedicated two years to researching the factors that impact people's wellbeing and happiness. My exploration of the worlds of environmental psychology and biophilic design shifted my practice to Wellbeing Design in 2017.

I find nature is the master teacher of beauty and harmony as well as the key to our health and happiness. This simple but profound insight was, for me, the culmination of a journey of self-exploration.My design studies include Rhodec International and The Holistic Design Institute (both UK), Mount Royal University, SAIT and Bow Valley College (Calgary, Canada). 

nora has been named “Lifestyle Expert to Follow in 2019” by Up Journey, a lifestyle magazine that focuses on self-development, and she has contributed to Oprah Magazine’s article, "14 Little Things You Can Do To Be Happier Right Now.”


About Wellbeing Design


Wellbeing Design _also referred to as Holistic Interior Design_ is a multi-disciplinary practice that puts people's health and wellness at the centre of every decision. As a Holistic Interior Designer and Wellbeing Design Consultant, research in the fields of environmental psychology, natural science, and biology informs my choices. With this deep understanding of every element that impacts peoples' wellbeing and every aspect of my clients' situations, I consider the most impactful design elements, innovation, and technology to co-create nurturing homes addressing their contemporary needs and lifestyles for a healthy and happy life.


The physical spaces where we spend time significantly influence our physical, emotional and mental states. Every element that goes into the making of our homes not only determines how we use the space, our experience and our lifestyle but also, the state of our wellbeing.

Traditionally, most of these spaces were not planned with wellbeing in mind and not only fail to support current life demands but contribute to the emotional or physical malaise.

Considering that we spend 90% of our time indoors, healthy homes are as vital to us as nutritious food and exercise.


Most current homes are based on century-old templates created to meet the lifestyle needs of a fundamentally different era. Today, we need a home design that addresses contemporary challenges: stress, social isolation, loneliness, pollution, inactive habits, alienation from nature, ageing, ADHD…

With the help of Wellbeing Design, we have the knowledge and tools to create homes that improve the quality of life, re-establish our connection with nature, and promote growth.


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